Sunday, January 18, 2004

Bring on the Panthers!

What a great win by the Patriots. All the credit goes to the defense, for just shutting down the previously unstoppable Payton Manning. Four interceptions (three by Ty Law) and they held Manning to a 35.5 passer rating for the game. For the first two games of the playoffs, Manning had a 156.9 rating. The offense, as has been the pattern all season, did just enough to win. Vinatieri once again came up big with five field goals. The Brady near-fumble at the end of the 4th quarter did cause a few moments of anxiety, but once again Walt "Tuck Rule" Coleman came to Tom's rescue, overruling the fumble on the instant replay review. Coleman may be the only referee to have his number retired by a team someday!

Carolina looked really tough against the Eagles. Their defense reminded me of the stategy employed by the Pats in Super Bowl XXXVI. The Panthers defense just made the Eagles receivers pay with hard tackling every time the got near the ball. I think the Pats can take them, though, as long as they stick to the tough style of play they've gone with all season.

I watched the game at home in HDTV. It really does look great, but it seems that CBS hasn't quite figured out this HD thing yet. There were lots of technical glitches coming in and out of commercial and the sound kicked out for a few seconds every so often. I won't be home for the Super Bowl, but hopefully CBS gets the kinks worked out before then.

Go Pats!!!!!


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