Saturday, February 21, 2004

Which one of the following Red Sox players doesn't belong?

A. Ted Williams
B. Tony Conigliaro
C. Jim Rice
D. Nomar Garciaparra
E. Brian Daubach

If you guessed Brian Daubach, well, that's who I would have picked, too. The other four are all-time Red Sox greats. Ted Williams was The Greatest Hitter of All Time ™; Tony C was the youngest player to hit 100 home runs and was headed for a Hall of Fame career before injury struck him down; Jim Rice was one of the most feared hitters of his generation and Nomar wins the title of best shortstop in baseball, since the former title-holder is now playing 3rd base.

Daubach, of course, is a journeyman first baseman who spent nine years in the minors before sticking with the Sox in 1999. However, believe it or not, he does have something in common with those other four players. The members of that group are the only players to hit 20 home runs for the Red Sox in their first four years with the team. Not Yaz, not Fred Lynn, not Mo Vaughn. Pretty select company old Dauber is in, isn't he?

One non-baseball note: I can't believe that Ralph Nader is thinking of running for President again. Is this guy on Bush's payroll, or what? Although Nader only got about 3% of the popular vote in the 2000 election, his presence in the race turned out to be critical in Florida. Gore lost to Bush by about 500 votes. Nader got about 97,000 votes in Florida (no figures on how many hanging chads). If Nader hadn't run, you've got to think that the vast majority of those votes would have gone to Gore, and he wins the election. So, Ralph, unless your intention is to help out the Bush campaign, how about staying home this time?


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