Sunday, January 09, 2005

OK, does anyone else think that Omar Minaya has gone a little nuts now that he has a few dollars to spend? After all, he spent the last few years as the general manager of the Little Sisters of the Poor (AKA the Montreal Expos). Now he's spent over $170 million of the New York Mets money the last few weeks, first signing up Pedro Martinez for $53 million, and now handing Carlos Beltran $119 million.

Not that this is a bad signing. If you're going to pay anyone $119 million, Beltran is probably the guy. He's a five tool player who had a great post season for the Astros (anyone else remember that catch he made against the Cardinals in the NLCS?) It's really a shame the Astros couldn't sign him up. According to ESPN, the main sticking point with the Astros was the lack of a full no-trade clause. ESPN also said that the Yankees never made an offer, which is interesting. Apparently even the Empire wasn't up to spending Beltran's price tag, especially when you add in the luxury tax on top of it.

Can the Mets finally end the Braves run of consecutive division titles? I guess we'll see.


At 7:31 AM, Blogger The Hey said...

*Can the Mets finally end the Braves run of consecutive division titles?*

Nope. At least the Mets won't do it. The Yankees can field an all-star team and win because they have stern disipline from above and respect for the manager. There is gonna be a whole lotta off-field dramas going on in that clubhouse with all those egos.

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Brian said...

I would love to be able to disagree with The Hey, but I suspect that he's right. The only reason that can justify the Met's unlimited spending is to get ratings for their new cable network. Signing Pedro and Carlos('?) was designed to bring in big ratings right from the start.

If they can keep the drama off-field, they might have a chance. That, and if the Braves' staff all develop arm trouble in the same week.


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