Friday, December 31, 2004

I wrote this last Saturday when we were flying to Florida, but never got a chance to post it.

Live from high above the Southeastern United States...

We’re on our way to Florida. The flight has been uneventful so far. We drove down to Green Airport in Rhode Island (actually leaving the house on time!) with almost no traffic on Christmas morning. There were stretches along the Mass Turnpike and Route 495 when I actually couldn’t see another car! We parked at the off site parking lot we tried last year. We tried it because we could get a reservation and we were concerned about parking at the airport on a heavy travel holiday. This place worked out very well. They park the car for you and take you right to the door of the airport in a shuttle van. No driving around the garage looking for a parking space then schlepping all of the bags over to the airport. To top it all off, it’s even cheaper than the airport parking!

The weather in Orlando isn’t looking great. The captain told us that it was only 52 and rainy when we took off, although that’s still about 30 degrees warmer than it was up north. I’m hoping things will clear up by tomorrow, since we have our day at Sea World planned. If it’s raining, we’re going to have to juggle our plans a bit. Right now, we have Sea World on Sunday; the kids Pirate Cruise at Disney and our annual Chef Mickey’s excursion planned for Monday; hopefully a day at my brother’s house on Tuesday; and Downtown Disney and a visit with the former CFO of my company at his new house in Celebration on Wednesday. There’s also a possibility that we’ll hook up with my cousin’s family during the week sometime. They’re vacationing in Florida as well.


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