Monday, January 17, 2005

What an astounding win for the Patriots yesterday. They just shut down the vaunted Colts offense and have turned Gillette Stadium into Peyton Manning's own personal purgatory. Manning is now 0-6 in Foxboro.

Many pundits (including 9 out of 10 analysts on ESPN) picked the Colts to win. They were coming off a dominating win against Denver and no one thought the depleted Patriots secondary (missing Ty Law and Tyrone Poole) could stop Manning and his receivers. Well, they managed a grand total of three points and the Pats made them pay for every yard.

It's really amazing. The Patriots have gone from years ago being the laughing stocks of the NFL to one of the dominant teams. No one even gets excited when the team makes the playoffs any more. And now the Pats are only two more wins away from becoming a bona fide dynasty. The game next weekend in Pittsburgh is the real test, since I think the Patriots can handle whoever comes out of the NFC.

Go Pats!!!!


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