Friday, February 18, 2005

R. contines to improve incrementally after her surgery. Her first night home was pretty calm, and she only woke up once at about 4AM complaining of pain. We gave her the pain meds that were prescribed and she went right back to sleep.

The trip to Florida looks like it's in danger. When we originally planned the trip, R.'s surgery was to have been two weeks earlier, and she would have been substantially recovered. Now it'll only be a week after surgery and it's unlikely she'll be able to get around much by herself. It's not fair to ask A. to take care of her for five days by herself when R. isn't very mobile.

We'll make a final decision Sunday night, but I'd say it's about 80/20 that we won't be going. Fortunately, we decided to make the trip a surprise so J. knows nothing about it and he won't be disappointed. We're thinking about rescheduling it for May and I'll take him out of school for a couple of days. The weekend we're thinking about should coincide with the Star Wars Weekends at Disney-MGM Studios, so that'll be an added bonus.

Back to some baseball stuff. Pitchers and catchers officially reported to Red Sox spring training yesterday. Curt Schilling wasn't limping on his surgically repaired ankle, and says he's planning to make the Opening Night start against Randy Johnson and the Yankees on April 3. That might be the most awaited (and will certainly be the most hyped) opener in MLB history.

Trot Nixon decided to take a few shots at A-Rod as he arrived at Spring Training, just to start the 2005 edition of the Sox/Yankees feud on the right note.

Last note, The Worcester Whatevers (they haven't announced a name yet) named former Sox catcher Rich Gedman their manager for 2005. Gedman is a Worcester native and was a coach for the North Shore Spirit the last couple of years. Gedman named former Sox pitcher Bob Ojeda to be his pitching coach. This means that at least three members of the ill fated 1986 Red Sox will be in the Can Am League this season, with Oil Can Boyd pitching for the Brockton Rox next season.


At 11:48 PM, Blogger The Hey said...

Hey I forgot about Star Wars Weekends!! If you find that you cannot go next week, then I HIGHLY recommend going during one of these weekends!!!!


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