Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We finally made it through R.'s surgery today. She did very well, and the surgeon said everthing went as expected. She charmed the socks off everyone at the hospital this morning, and was her happy, chatty self prior to going into the OR. She's pretty tired out and on pain meds, but she was hungry and eating a popsicle when I left to come home tonight. A. is at the hospital with her and I'll go back tomorrow morning after I get J. on the school bus.

It wasn't a bad experience. Everyone at Children's was thoroughly professional and very nice. R. was great, and it really helps that A. is a nurse and speaks the medical jargon.

I'm feeling less stressed now that it's over, and I'll feel even better when R. is home tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone for their support as we go through this. As difficult as this process has been for us, it would be even moreso without all our family and good friends.


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