Saturday, January 29, 2005

Well, after what seemed like way too much work on the parts of me, A., and The Hey, I have my Red Sox tickets lined up for the 2005 season.

I managed to get 5 games (two of which were purchased by The Hey). I got in on the Red Sox Nation random drawing pre-sale yesterday and got tickets to see the Twins in July. I'm taking the kids to this one - it'll be R.'s first Red Sox game, so she's pretty excited. I'm also seeing the Braves in May, the Reds in June, the Rangers in August and the Angels in September. A pretty good selection of teams - all except the Reds were pennant contenders or playoff teams last year, and the Reds have a few players (like Junior and Sean Casey) worth watching. The games are also nicely spread out - I've got one game every month except for April.

The only other games I might get are Opening Day or Monster Seats if one of us should be lucky enough to get selected in the random drawing. I'll also see a game at Safeco Field in Seattle when we go out there for vacation, and I might try to get down to Citizens Bank Park in Philly sometime this season. Add that to a few Pawsox games and a bunch of games in Worcester, and it'll be a good, baseball filled summer.

Only about 3 weeks until pitchers and catchers report!


At 1:20 PM, Blogger Bismo said...

And don't forget The Can in Brockton!


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