Wednesday, February 09, 2005

There are few sights more incredible than not one, not two, but THREE Lombardi Trophies being held aloft in a Duck Boat coming down Boylston St.

That was the sight greeting us in the lead Duck during the parade honoring the Super Bowl Champion Patriots yesterday. Bob Kraft, Jonathan Kraft and Scott Pioli held the trophies while Coach Bill Belichick (resplendent in his trademark grey sweatshirt) waved to the crowd of about 1 million people greeting the champs back home after their win down in Jacksonville at Super Bowl XXXIX.

The parade was fun, although it got underway more than 1/2 hour late. People were in a good mood and seemed to be having fun. The papers reported some problems with rowdy high school students who played hooky to attend the parade, but we didn't see any of that from our vantage point near the Prudential Center. Most folks were dressed in their Pats finest and cheered loudly when the players came by on the duck boats. Many of the players appeared to be there, including Tom Brady, Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch, Richard Seymour and Tedy Bruschi.

My one complaint is that it would be helpful if the players wore their jerseys to help us identify them as they went by. Unlike in baseball, most of these guys wear helmets most of the time we see them on TV and you just don't know a lot of the faces. Obviously you know some of the team leaders like Brady and Seymour, but there were a lot of players I just had no idea who they were.

It was a great time, though, celebrating yet another championship. That's four parades since January, 2002. I could get used to this!

One other thing - are New England fans getting a bit blase about all these wins? I went down to the Olympia Sports store in the Pru on Monday to see if they had the locker room championship hats. In past years the stores were very crowded right after a Pats Super Bowl win, and you couldn't even get near the place after the Sox beat the Empire and then won the Series. When I went down there on Monday, not only did they have plenty of hats, but there were only about a dozen people in the store! Is winning championships getting to be old hat (pun intended) around here?


At 11:19 PM, Blogger The Hey said...

I think it has more to do with the fact that the hats are not the prettiest locker room hats ever made.

That being said...I still bought one.



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