Friday, July 22, 2005

I happily returned from exile in the basement today and was able to spend some time with the kids this afternoon. I'l still too tired to actually do a whole lot, but it was nice to be around them and collect lots of hugs and kisses. I have to stock up, since I'll be radioactive again next week!

Watching the Red Sox and the White Sox. Boston got lucky last night as Pale Hose 3rd baseman Joe Crede dropped a Manny Ramirez foul pop in the top of the 9th (Crede's first error in 50 games). Manny took prompt advantage of the error and hit a home run on the next pitch, breaking the 5-5 tie and winning the game for the Red Sox.

Jerry Remy mentioned that the papers in Chicago are treating this as a "show me how good you are" weekend for the White Sox. Even though they are 62-32 entering tonight's game, a lot of people think they are getting fat against the AL Central and haven't really played anyone yet - "anyone" being the Red Sox and Yankees. A bit unfair, if you ask me, but if the Red Sox take three out of four, I'm sure it'll place some doubts in Chicago fans minds whether they can hang with the big boys.

Of course, the White Sox haven't been in the World Series since 1959 - their only appearance since the 1919 Black Sox, so I can see why they might be a bit skeptical.


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