Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Not a good day today.

I spent the last two days doing testing related to my thyroid cancer, and I met with the doctor today.

The ultrasound showed some troubling results. There's about 10 millimeters of my thyroid left. There were some white spots on the ultrasound that could indicate that the cancer is still there. The thyroid scan I did today showed some unexpected results - it didn't pick up any of the trace dose of radiation I had yesterday. He seems to think the scan was screwed up, but the full body scan on Thursday should show something more definitive. Once he gets those results, plus the blood work I had taken yesterday should give him a more complete picture.

What happens after that is this. I will almost certainly have the radiation dose on Monday and spend the night at the hospital. If the scan and the blood tests support what he saw on the ultrasound, he will increase the dose from 100 to 150 millicuries. That should kill the remaining thyroid and cancer cells.

If it doesn't the worst case scenario at this point would be more surgery to remove the offending tissue. I'm praying we don't have to go down that road, but we'll see.

So my spirits aren't the best today. I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow and reestablishing some bit of normalcy to my life. Sitting around at home and moping isn't going to help anything. I'm also slightly radioactive, so I can't be around the kids until Friday after work and I've been banished to the basement.

I'll know more on Sunday night/Monday AM (the doctor is out of town over the weekend). I won't have the laptop at the hospital Monday night, but I'll update things when I can.


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