Sunday, October 28, 2007

And the children shall lead...

No, I'm not talking about one of the worst Star Trek episodes ever. I'm talking about rookies Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia, who led the Sox offense in last night's 10-5 win in game 3 last night. The Rockies pitching just couldn't solve these guys as they went a combined 7-for-10 with three runs scored and 4 RBI.

I love seeing the Red Sox home grown players contribute in this way during a big game. As a Pawtucket native, I watched a lot of great players come up through the Red Sox farm system as I spent my summer nights at McCoy Stadium. I have to think it's extra gratifying to Theo Epstein and his staff when one of their draftees comes up big like Pedroia and Ellsbury have.

I don't want to forget Daisuke, who got me off my seat when he sent a bouncer between shortstop and third to drive in two runs in the third inning. Matsuzaka became the first Red Sox pitcher to drive in more than one run in a World Series game since Babe Ruth in 1918. Daisuke also gave us 5.1 quality innings and was pulled when he issued two consecutive walks in the 6th. Terry Francona seems to have a much quicker hook in the postseason. In a regular season game, I think he might give Matsuzaka a chance to work out of that jam, although he had thrown 101 pitches at that point.

So the Sox are up 3-0, and we have a chance for the ultimate storybook ending as Jon Lester starts tonight against the Rockies Aaron Cook. Lester, of course, was battling cancer at this time last year. Wouldn't it be amazing to see him win the World Series clincher just a year later? I think that anyone who isn't a Rockies fan has to be rooting for him tonight.

Enjoy game 4. It's just before 4 PM now, so hopefully we'll be celebrating a World Series championship in about 8 hours.


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