Friday, October 19, 2007

- Josh Beckett showed why he is The Man last night, winning game 5 with an utterly dominant performance and bringing the series back to Fenway. Curt Schilling, who has had a bit of post-season success of his own, goes for the Sox against Fausto Carmona. Can Mr. Schill summon the magic one more time and get us to game 7? We'll see tomorrow night.

- If Coco Crisp starts in center field tomorrow night instead of Jacoby Ellsbury, Francona needs to have his head examined. Crisp watched one C.C. Sabathia offering right into the catchers mitt for strike 3 last night. I started yelling at the TV, "Coco, you have to swing at those!" while Tim McCarver wondered, "I'm not sure what he was looking for." Coco just looks lost up there. Ellsbury has to be an improvement; he certainly can't be any worse.

- Think Kevin Millar wishes he was still a member of the Red Sox instead of an Oriole? Hell, I think he'd wear the Wally suit or sell peanuts if they asked him to. This aired before last night's game on Fox.


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