Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eric Gagne must go.

The erstwhile Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers closer set the stage for last night's seven run outburst by the Indians in the 11th inning. While Javier Lopez and Jon Lester are far from blameless, Gagne is the guy the Sox traded three players for to extend the bullpen. He needs to hold the line in these situations and he couldn't, and really hasn't been able to since he came here.

Here's my proposal. If the Sox make it to the World Series, Gagne needs to be removed from the post-season roster and replaced with Julian Tavarez. While Tavarez isn't my first choice out of the bullpen, he's proven to be more reliable than Gagne has been during his stint with the Sox. I would have felt a lot better with Tavarez coming out of the 'pen in the top of the 11th last night than I would have with Gagne.


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