Thursday, October 25, 2007

This will be quick, because it's late (thanks, Fox!)

So much for 21 out of 22. The Sox crushed Colorado 13-1, beating the daylights out of their ace, Jeff Francis. The Sox tied World Series records for doubles (8), extra base hits (9) and set the record for first game runs.

It was an incredible performance, both by the Sox offense and by Josh Beckett. Beckett is now 4-0 for the postseason. The Sox have outscored their opponents in the last four games 43-6.

An often used cliche is that momentum is only as good as your next starting pitcher, and we have one of the best postseason pitchers in baseball history going tomorrow night with Curt Schilling. It would be great to go back to Colorado up 2-0, wouldn't it?

See you tomorrow!


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