Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My World Series prediction: Sox in 6 games.

It sucks that Tim Wakefield isn't going to be able to be on the roster because of his shoulder problem. Wake deserves to be in the World Series as much as anyone on the team.

This World Series has a much different feel for me than 2004. It had been 18 years since the Sox last appearance and, even though they had beaten the Yankees, we still had to beat St. Louis to finally eradicate the "curse". There was a bit of the "I just want to see them win it once before I die" mentality in that series for me.

This time, it's only been three years. I desperately want the Sox to win, but I don't think it will be as crushing as it would have been pre-'04 if they don't. A 2007 World Series championship fits more in the "I would love to have this happen" category than 2004, which was more of a "My life won't be complete if they don't win" kind of thing.

Enjoy game 1!


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