Thursday, September 11, 2008

If you had no rooting interest (or are a Rays fan), the last two nights at Fenway are about as good as baseball gets. Exciting games, both won in the Rays last at bat, great pitching and defense made these games a fan's delight.

Unless you are a Red Sox fan. Then it wasn't quite so good.

Both losses the last two nights were lost opportunities. The Sox took a lead in the 8th on Jason Bay's homer, then Papelbon uncharacteristically blew the save. In last night's extra innings thriller, the Sox had multiple opportunities to score and walk off with the win before Carlos Pena won the game with a 3 run bomb in the 14th.

(An aside on my fellow Northeastern alum, Pena. Was the Latino family they showed in the stands a couple of times his? Because if it was, his mom was wearing a Red Sox jersey! What's up with that?)

I really don't see these losses as devestating. The Sox are up 5.5 in the wild card chase and, as Bill Parcells used to say, all that really matters is getting in the tournament. It would be great to win the division, with likely home field in at least the first round, but it's more important that the Sox clinch a post-season spot and get the team set for the playoffs. First things first, however. We have four against a hot Toronto team this weekend and it would be nice to get at least three wins at home.


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