Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday night musings...
  • The news on Tom Brady was the worst possible and he is lost for the season. This changes everything, obviously. Instead of being a leading contender to go back to the Super Bowl, most folks are figuring the Matt Cassel-led Pats will be doing well to make the playoffs. I'd have to agree. Cassel never even started in college. Sunday against the Jets will be the first meaningful game he has started since high school.
  • The Sox had their 456th straight sellout tonight, setting the major league record. The last time they didn't sell out a game was in May of 2003. I love the fact that a packed Fenway has such an electric atmosphere every single night, and I especially appreciate the fact that selling out the ballpark gives the team the resources to do things like send Manny to Los Angeles and pick up the rest of his salary. That said, I somewhat selfishly miss the days when you could walk up to the box office 10 minutes before game time and get a decent grandstand seat. Of course, I miss that they cost $10, too!
  • Back on the field, the Sox just beat the Rays 3-0 on a brilliant performance by Lester (7.2 innings) and Papelbon (1.1 innings). The Rays lead is down to 1/2 game. Daisuke vs. Kazmir tomorrow night. Should be a good one!


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