Monday, September 15, 2008

It's been quite a 36 hours or so in Boston sports.

Things started early Sunday afternoon, with the matchup between Jon Lester and Roy Halladay. The game lived up to it's billing, as both pitchers did well. Lester came out on top by a score of 4-3. It was 4-1 coming into the 9th, but Papelbon had a bit of trouble, giving up two runs before finally ending the Blue Jays threat. The Sox win combined with the Yankees beating Tampa Bay at Yankee Stadium brought Boston to within one game of first place.

At 4:15 came the game everyone in town had been talking about all week: the matchup between the Bret Favre-led New York Jets and the New England Patriots. All eyes were on Matt Cassel, Tom Brady's understudy who hadn't started a game since high school.

And darn it if the kid didn't come up big. He did a fine job of directing the offense, made no serious mistakes, and threw a touchdown pass. The defense and special teams played very well, too. The Jets only managed 10 points in the game, losing 19-10. And Stephen Gostkowski hit four field goals for the Pats. Now the Patriots are 2-0 after beating their arch-rivals and have a weak Miami team coming into Gillette next weekend.

Tonight, the Sox took it to the Rays at the Trop. Scott Kazmir just didn't have it tonight, as he walked the first two batters, then Big Papi took him deep. Mike Lowell added a solo homer and the Sox were up 4-0 before the Rays even had a chance to bat. The assault continued, as the Sox hit six homers (Bay, Varitek, Youkilis and Ellsbury, in addition to the two in the first).

If there is any cause for concern coming out of this game, it's that Daisuke had another one of those maddening appearances he has, throwing 101 pitches in five innings, giving up just one run. He can drive you crazy watching him sometimes.

The bottom line is, though, that the Sox got a 13-5 win and are tied for first place. Two more at the Trop - it would be nice to leave in first.


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