Friday, December 19, 2008

Is he coming or isn't he?

The Mark Teixeira derby got a little crazy today. Theo Epstein, John Henry and Larry Lucchino flew to Texas yesterday to meet with Teixeira and Scott Boras to finalize a deal, or so they thought. We don't know the details, but whatever negotiating tactics Boras threw out there caused Henry to send an email to various members of the media saying that the Red Sox would no longer be a factor in signing Teixeira.

So here's what I think happened. The Sox thought they were extremely close to a deal, or Henry, Lucchino and Theo aren't going to Texas. Boras said that they had other offers because, y'know, the rumored 8 year, $180 million contract isn't enough. This ticked Henry off enough to call Boras' bluff so he sent the email.

I'll note that the Yankees Brian Cashman says that the Yanks had not outbid the Red Sox for Teixeira.

All reports indicate that the Red Sox are still in the bidding. He's obviously the best position player on the market, and he's a great fit in the Red Sox lineup. It's certainly been an interesting process so far. We should know what uniform Teixeira will be wearing for the next 8 years or so in a few days.


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