Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's a great day in Red Sox Nation.

2008 AL MVP Dustin Pedroia (I love typing that) signed a six year contract extension for $40.5 million today. The Sox hold a team option for a 7th year in 2015. Essentially, the Sox bought out Pedroia's first three years of free agency and did it at a very reasonable price.

Did Pedroia underprice himself? Maybe. However, he now has a lifetime of financial security, which can't be a bad thing. Regardless of how his career goes from here on, he never has to worry about money again.

Big kudos to Theo Epstein for making this committment and locking up Pedroia long term. He gets cost certainty for the next seven years for one of the centerpieces of the franchise and the Sox get one of the premiere second basemen in the game for a long time to come.

To me, this is a deal that works for everyone. Y'know, except the Yankees, Rays and pretty much every team other than the Red Sox.


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