Sunday, February 20, 2005

Well, we're going to Florida.

R. has improved quite a bit the last couple of days, and it's become evident that J. really needs to have some other activities over the school break. He's really jealous over all the attention she's getting (conveniently ignoring the fact that she had to go through surgery to get all this attention). But the vacation week is going to be really difficult if he has to hang around here all week, so we decided it was in everyone's best interest for us go to down to Florida.

It's going to be a lot of work for A. to take care of R. herself for the time we're away, but I'm sure she's up to it. She's a bit worried about it, but she'll be fine. My father-in-law is going to stop by and we're looking into getting our regular babysitter to come by for a few hours to give A. a break.

Giants closer Rob Nen announced his retirement today. He was never able to recover from the rotator cuff injury he pitched through during the 2002 post-season. The Giants probably never would have made it to the World Series if it hadn't been for Nen pitching through the injury. He gambled his career to help his team win. It would have been easy for him to sit down and increase his long-term earnings potential, but he laid it on the line for the team.


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