Monday, April 25, 2005

Here's my last blog entry that I'm making with all my original factory installed parts. Surgery is tomorrow, and I'm at the point where I'm glad I'm going to get this over with. A. will be sending an email dispatch tomorrow night on how things went, and I'll try to update my blog later in the week.

Interesting weekend for the Sox. They lost two of three to the D-Rays down in Tampa. What is worrying me the most is Curt Schilling's performance. Schilling blew leads of 4-0 and 5-2 in Saturday's game, and the Sox ended up losing 6-5. Curt just doesn't look sharp consistently. He has flashes of last year's brilliance, but doesn't seem to be able to sustain it consistently. Hopefully he'll come out of it in the next few starts, but so far this year he's been the worst of the Sox 5 starters.

In the bad luck department, Roger Clemens gets the prize. He's thrown 21 shutout innings in his last three starts, and the Astros ended up losing all three games 1-0. Roger has only given up one run in 4 starts, has an ERA of 0.32, and the Astros only managed to score three runs for him, all in his first start, which he won 3-2. I'd love to know the last time a pitchers team got shut out 1-0 in three consecutive starts.

Jim Bouton sent me a sneak peek at the addendum he's writing for Foul Ball. It's great, and I've learned a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that Jim and Chip couldn't share with me while the whole Pittsfield situation was happening. Included is the section on the Parks Committee meeting that I attended, and I'm actually mentioned in the book. I believe Jim is planning to release the updated version in paperback this fall. I'll be sure to let you know when it's available, because it's a must-read story.

J. had his first two Peanut League games over the weekend. We showed up early on Saturday, and we had a rousing practice before the game with the kids and all the dads participating. Despite the crummy weather (it was misting and the field was wet), it was a great morning and a lot of fun.


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