Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Can someone please explain to me where the heck John Garland came from? He was projected as the White Sox number 5 starter before the season started. Now he's 7-0, and he's currently got a 5-2 lead over the Rangers in the last of the 8th, so unless the White Sox bullpen blows it, he'll get his 8th win. The game was on the INHD channel tonight, and Garland looked really good to me.

Baseball in HD is definitely the next best thing to being there. In some ways it's better - the beer and food is a lot cheaper, and my couch is a lot more comfortable than any ballpark seat!

A few quick thoughts on the Enterprise finale. Apologies to those of you who have seen this before. I'm too lazy to rewrite it, so this is cut and pasted from the USS Christa McAuliffe mailing list.

It wasn't as terrible as it could have been. To be honest, to me it seemed more like a TNG episode than an Enterprise episode, which explains Jolene Blalock's "appalling" comment better than anything. I can certainly see why the Enterprise cast might be annoyed about this, but the episode was more of a sendoff for Trek's 39 year run than for any particular series.

Aside from the fact that Frakes and Sirtis looked a hell of a lot older than they did when "The Pegasus" episode was first filmed 11 years ago, I could live with the whole framing thing. It was just sort of limp. I thought the Terra Prime two-parter was more of a true Star Trek episode than this was. It had a detestable villian, a solid message about bigotry, some funny stuff (Malcolm and his air-sick bag was priceless) and everyone in the crew got something good to do (even Travis, who hasn't done much of anything other than drive the ship for 4 years). It was pretty easy to tell that Terra Prime had been done by the Reeves-Stevenses and Manny Coto and the finale was written by Berman and Braga.

It was nice to see the Enterprise-D again, especially in HD in what I assume was a CGI model. She looked great! The "Space, the Final Frontier" bit at the end with parts from Picard, Kirk and Archer was very nicely done.


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