Monday, May 02, 2005

Jeremi Gonzalez has looked pretty good in a spot start for the starting pitching depleted Red Sox tonight, holding Detriot to 3 runs in 5 innings so far. He's facing Jeremy Bonderman of the Tigers, which has got to be one of the few times two guys named "Jeremy" have faced each other in a major league game.

Actually, I'm really annoyed that it's raining in New York. Pedro was supposed to pitch for the Mets against the Phillies. It was really my first opportunity to see him with the Mets, but it's been pouring rain and the game has been delayed since 7:00. It's 9:15 now and I doubt I'll be awake even if they start the game.

I slowly continue to recuperate from the surgery. I did toss whiffle balls to J. in the backyard for about 40 minutes, and I was pretty tired after that. This was after a two hour nap this afternoon! I'm planning to go back to work Wednesday. It'll be interesting to see if I can make it through a full day. Even so, I'm only going to work the "normal" 8:30-5 shift for the rest of this week instead of my normal 8-5:30 or 6 day. At least I can snooze on the train if I need to!

Speaking of J., I forgot to mention that he actually caught a fly ball in his Peanut League game last weekend! Given the scarcity of fly outs in his league, it was pretty impressive. I guess all those pop-ups I tossed him in the back yard paid off!

J.'s team is named after the Everett (Washington) Aquasox this year, so we're going to go see a game when we go to Seattle on vacation this summer. We discovered that they are only about 30 miles from Seattle. They play in the short season Class A Northwest League, similar to the Lowell Spinners. So I'll get to add two more ballparks to my inventory on that trip, including our trip to Safeco against the White Sox.

I downloaded Bruce Springsteen's new album, Devils & Dust, off of iTunes today. I've heard lots of good things about it, so I'm looking forward to listening to it. I'll let you know what I think next time.


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