Sunday, May 08, 2005

I'm watching the Dodgers-Reds game on ESPN and the Reds starter, Eric Milton, just hit a home run. Kill the DH!

J. and I went to see The Hithchhikers Guide to the Galaxy yesterday. It was well done, although I think that someone who wasn't familiar with the whole Hitchhikers mythos would have had a hard time following the story. They did include a lot of the best gags from the books, so I really enjoyed it. J. seemed to like it as well, even though he's certainly not familiar with the stories.

There were a couple of nice nostalgic touches. In one scene, they used the theme music from the original Hitchhikers radio show, and the Marvin robot suit from the original TV show was in a scene as well.

I recommend the movie if you're a Hitchhikers fan, but I can't say you'd enjoy it if you're not.


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