Monday, August 01, 2005

Another day at Mass General, and some more bad (or at least not good) news.

I had my follow-up scan today. It turns out that there wasn't much absorption of the radioactive iodine in the spot on my left side that the doctor is worried about. That means a biopsy is the next step so that he can get a better sense as to what it is. The spot is so small (10 millimeters), that I'm going to have to go back to my surgeon for her to do the biopsy. So I have to call her office tomorrow to schedule that.

Also troubling was the fact that the scan showed some absorption in my chest, where they would not have expected anything. At first they thought it might be superficial, so I actually had to go back for three more scans. Turns out it wasn't. Now I'm going to have to have a CT scan next Thursday to see what is going on there.

The best case scenario is that the spot is benign and the thing in my chest is nothing to worry about and the doctor will just continue to monitor it. Worst case is more surgery. The good news is that none of this is particularly unusual - these just are not the answers we had been hoping for. There's nothing to do about it, though, than continue to go down this road and do the additional testing.

I'm glad Manny and the Sox managed to patch things up, though. You just can't make up what happened over the weekend. Manny doesn't play Wednesday, gets booed Friday, almost gets traded to the Mets. Then he pinch hits in the 8th yesterday and gets the game winning hit against the Twins!


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