Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another nice day at the beach today. It was a lot hotter than last week, so we left around 4:00 and drove over to Newport and had dinner at Flo's Clam Shack. Flo's is another Rhode Island clam shack that has been around forever (since 1936). I had some great fried clam strips, along with the requisite clam cakes. Good stuff.

I had another round of testing at Mass General on Thursday. First was a biopsy on the area that the doctor saw on the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. Having needles stuck in my neck was no more enjoyable than it was the first time it happened a few months back. Later in the afternoon I had a CT scan on my neck and chest. The scan itself wasn't bad, but I had to drink some really nasty tasting contrast, then had more contrast put in through an IV. So I've had more than enough needles stuck into me for a while.

The results of the tests won't be back for a few days, so I should know more next week.


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