Friday, August 05, 2005

Wow, do I feel better. I feel as good as I've felt since the surgery. I guess it's all a matter of getting the right drugs.

Rafael Palmiero has to be the most shameless athlete I've ever seen. To go in front of Congress in March, wag his finger at them, and say that he never used steroids, then get caught using them a few months later is unbelievable.

What I find even more unbelievable is the number of Hall of Fame voters who seem to have no problem cooking up excuses why they are still going to vote for this cheater. They try to rationalize it by saying that we don't know when he started taking steroids, or that we don't have clear proof on guys like Sosa , McGwire or Bonds so how can we keep Palmiero out? Or that steroids weren't illegal in MLB at the time (even though using them without a prescription is against the law).

It's very simple. We know he cheated. If you think putting cheaters in the Hall of Fame is OK, then go ahead and vote for him. Personally, I hope more of the voters see things the way Peter Gammons does and keep him out. The thought of Palmiero up on that podium in Cooperstown makes me nauseous. I hope I never have to see it.


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