Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I said a few days ago that this 13 game stretch against the Tigers, Yankees, Twins, Phillies and Rays would tell us a lot about where the 2010 Red Sox were headed. After 5 games, I'm still not sure.

The Sox are 2-3 so far, but they could easily be 4-1. The could also easily be 1-4. They blew a 6-1 lead Saturday night in Detroit and ended up losing in extra innings. They battled back from a big deficit in Monday night's game to take a 9-7 lead into the 9th. Papelbon promptly blew that by giving up 2-run homers to A-Rod and Marcus Thames (?). Thames blast was the first walkoff homer Paps has ever given up.

Last night's game started an hour late because of rain and I went to bed before it was over. The Sox were down 5-1, so I was shocked when I woke up this morning, checked the MLB AtBat app on my iPod Touch and discovered that they had won 7-6!

So what have we learned?
  • A lot of players on this team are not happy. Lowell is unhappy because he isn't playing, and even mused to the media on asking for his release. Wakefield is unhappy that he isn't starting. Matsuzaka and Martinez apparently can't get along for some reason. Big Papi is mad at the media and fans that were questioning whether he was done when he was hitting .150 last month. The fans are mad at Theo Epstein because he was at the Pearl Jam concert Monday night instead of...wait...what exactly was he supposed to be doing instead? Would something have changed if he had been watching the game?
  • Josh Beckett is a mess. He left last night's game with a back problem. His ERA is 7.29. You really have to wonder where his head is at right now
  • Ditto on Papelbon. He reverted to his fastball-only ways on Monday and got knocked around for it.
  • Given the way the Yankees and Rays are playing, and assuming no major injuries, I think it's going to take 97-98 wins to get into the playoffs this year. Approximately one-quarter of the season is gone and the Sox are 20-20. To get to 98 wins, they are going to have to go 78-44 (.639) the rest of the year. In contrast, the Rays only need to go 70-53 (.569) and the Yankees record the rest of the way would be 73-50 (.593). I know it's only May, but the Sox have a very deep hole to dig themselves out of.
  • The Celtics are a lot more fun to watch right now.
I am, however, loving Tony Massarotti's new name for the Red Sox: The Fortune .500. Because they cost a fortune and they play .500


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