Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm writing this while I'm watching American Idol. A. got me hooked on it, and I'm really annoyed with myself. I hadn't been watching any of these reality shows, and now I find myself watching this religiously. Damn it.

More Red Sox/Yankees fireworks, as A-Rod arrived at camp and addressed the media. He pretty much took the high road in responding to the shots taken by Curt Schilling, Trot Nixon and Bronson Arroyo, among others. Of course, Rodriguez also called Arroyo "Brandon". Whether that was on purpose or not is anyone's guess.

Back to work tomorrow after nearly a week away. R. continues to get better, so hopefully tomorrow won't be too difficult for A. at home. I can hardly wait to see how many email messages accumulated over the three business days I was gone. The over/under is 100.

Good article about the new Worcester team in Worcester Magazine. My favorite bit is that Polar Beverages is going to be building a giant polar bear in the outfield that will actually be in play. Could be kind of fun. Could be stupid. I'm not sure which yet.

The two best things that I've done for my computer lately:

- Installing the Airport network. I can sit here on my couch while I'm watching TV and surf the Net. That's actually a reason why I've been posting to my blog more frequently lately. The freedom from wires is great, and it's also been working out for R.

- Downloading the Firefox browser. I've been using it for a week now, and it's faster and more compatible than Apple's Safari browser. And don't even get me started on Internet Explorer - this is far superior even to the newer Windoze versions of IE I use at work. If you haven't yet, download it and try it.


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