Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Going back under the knife...

I spoke to the doctor Monday night and the results of my tests came back. The good news is that the CT scan came back OK. The bad news is that the biopsy came back positive for the same cancer I had before. I'm going to have to go back in for additional surgery to remove the small spot (it's only 10mm long!) where the cancer exists. I'm scheduled to go in on September 12.

Needless to say, I'm far from thrilled to have to go in for more surgery, but I have to get rid of this thing. So I'm just trying to keep a stiff upper lip and get this whole ordeal over with.

All right, enough of that topic. On to some more interesting stuff.

Where the heck did Morgan Ensberg come from? He had a pretty decent year in 2003 with 25 HRs but only 60 RBI, then only hit 10 homers with 66 RBI last year. This year, with more than a month left in the season he's become one of the top sluggers in the National League with 33 homers and 91 RBI. Ensberg has been one of the big reasons behind Houston's resurgence the last couple of months to lead the NL Wild Card race. It's a bit of a shame that he plays in Houston instead of in a bigger baseball market, since he doesn't seem to get mentioned much.

A big Windows 2000 worm hit a bunch of companies yesterday. Microsoft had to "mobilize it's war room" yesterday to help it's customers battle the infection. One more reason I'm glad I have a Mac...

Yesterday's events in Detroit and Tampa turned into a big 2 game swing for the Sox yesterday. Big Papi came up huge in the clutch again for the Sox, as he hit a game tying home run in the 9th before the Red Sox scored 7 runs in the 10th to take a 10-7 win from the Tigers. Meanwhile, the Devil Rays beat the Yankees by tying the game in the 9th on an Eduardo Perez home run off Mariano Rivera, then getting a bases loaded walk in the last of the 11th to win it (losing pitcher: Alan Embree, although he didn't give up the walk.) So instead of being up 2 and 1/2 games this morning, the Sox are up 4 and 1/2.

Can Mike Remlinger pitch any worse? After giving up a grand slam to Craig Monroe in the bottom of the 10th, his ERA is now 54.00. I can't believe his Red Sox career is going to last much longer.


At 2:11 AM, Blogger Bismo said...

Wow, blog spam!! Sorry to hear about the test results, Ho, we're with you through this (well, nearby at least!).

Oh, I have a blog site you should come see sometime! ;-)


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