Tuesday, March 01, 2005

We're back from a fun trip to Florida. Lots to say about that, but first a couple of comments on some other stuff that's been happening.

We had R.'s first post-op appointment today, and it went pretty well. The doctor said that everything looked like it was supposed to and she can walk in the cast in three weeks. I had to leave the room when they changed the cast. I was OK with the stitches, but I was having a tough time dealing with the pin sticking out of her foot. She's healing properly, though, and that's the important thing.

The surprise of the week was certainly the return of Antoine Walker to the Celtics. I found out about the trade on a baseball field in Florida. J. and I had gone to a nearby field to play catch and my phone rang. My friend The Hey was on the line, telling me about the trade. Given that Danny Ainge had said that Antoine's game was not a good fit for his vision of the Celtics, his return was a huge surprise. The Celtics won their first two games after Antoine's return, and people are more excited about the Celtics than I've seen them since they made the Eastern Conference finals a few years back.

I'll start in on the Florida trip report tomorrow...


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