Saturday, March 05, 2005

On top of everthing else, I came down with a stomach bug which pretty much laid me low for the last couple of days. I'm feeling better now, which means it's finally time to start the long awaited...

...Florida Trip Report!


I got up bright and early (5 AM) so that J. and I could catch an 8:30 flight out of Logan. This was the first time I had flown from Logan since I came home from Korea with R. It was also the first time we had flown Song Airlines. We tend to favor Southwest Airlines out of Green Aiport in Providence, but on this occassion I was able to get a significantly cheaper fare on Song.

We left the house slightly after 6 (to a slightly teary R.) and flew down the Mass Pike and through the Ted Williams Tunnel to get to Logan in near record time. The road system at Logan is a lot different that the last time I was there. It's much easier to follow than it used to be. It's good to see my tax dollars are being put to good use for a change.

We parked the car at Central Parking and then went to check in. We went to the self-service kiosk, checked our bag and went through security to our gate.

We boarded the plane and took off. One nice thing about Song is that they have television screens built into the back of each seat. We were able to watch 24 DirectTV channels, plus flight information (you could actually see where the plane was during the flight) and a play a trivia game against other passengers. They also had pay-per-view movies and games you could pay $5 each for.

The service wasn't bad, although it wasn't quite as polished as Southwest. Once nice thing was that they had a menu with a variety of snacks and meals you could buy. J. and I split a fruit and cheese snack that was very good. We also got complimentary (non-alcoholic) drinks.

We landed at Orlando International basically on time and went off to the luggage claim to get our bag and meet my mother, who was driving us to her house. Dad had a softball game and met us at the house later.

We arrived at my parents house and had some lunch. J. was getting a bit restless, so we went over to a nearby field and tossed the baseball around. J. did pretty well considering that we hadn't played catch since our last trip to Florida in December. As we were getting ready to leave my phone rang with The Hey informing me of the Antoine Walker trade.

We took it easy the rest of the day, since we had another early morning the next day. I wanted to be at Disney-MGM Studios at the 9:00 opening the next morning.


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